We create locally inspired spaces for travelers to stay and shop

I'm a host

We help you to earn more from your rental unit through better design and sale of local products.

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I'm a maker

We work with artists, makers and furnishing companies to showcase products to hosts and their guests.

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I'm a traveler

We help you acquire local treasures and home furnishings from where you stay.

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Helping Hosts Earn More

We love helping hospitality entrepreneurs connect with local makers to deliver memorable experiences to their guests

Which of these apply to you?

  • You are ready to make more money from your rentals
  • You want better design, but don't know where to start
  • You want your hospitality rental to have a more authentic, local connection to your city

Covet & Cherish is here to help

  • We work with you to improve the design of your unit
  • We provide you the opportunity to make more money from each rental as a retail partner
  • We give your guests a more local and authentic travel experience

Try us today!

  • We'd love to have our experienced hospitality consulting and real estate team provide a complimentary consult for your space
  • Send us a link to your listing today to get started to earning more from your listings and improving guest satisfaction!

How we work with Hosts



We work together to craft a collection of home goods to help improve the design and value of your unit.



We do the magic of getting you everything you need for your unit and the online storefront.



Direct your guests to your online storefront for guests to purchase items. You receive a portion of the proceeds.

Promoting local makers and artists

We love local artists, makers and impactful tastemaking companies which make the fabric of a city so vibrant

Which of these apply to you?

  • You are ready to have your craft shown to a wider audience
  • You want more distribution for your art, product or furnishings, but aren't sure where to start
  • You take pride in your work and create your products locally

Covet & Cherish is here to help

  • We offer multiple channels for your work to be displayed and experienced in these units
  • We promote your items for guests to purchase and cherish in their own corners of the world
  • We give guests a more local and authentic connection to where they are traveling

We'd love to partner with you!

  • Our experienced hospitality consulting and design team will work with you to incorporate your work into host's units
  • Send us a link to your products today to get start the conversation to promote and sell more of your work to audiences eager to support you

I'm seeking treasures from my travels 

You're inspired by the places you travel and love bringing home treasures

Does this sound like you?

  • You seek a more local and authentic connection to where you travel
  • The more treasured pieces in your home are a collection of special effects from your journeys
  • You enjoy sharing mementos of your travels with others

Then we think you'll love Covet & Cherish!

  • Our experienced hospitality consulting and design team has discovered unique pieces and curated local treasures for each unit in our network
  • Each unit in our network offers unique local goods that you can shop and have shipped to your door, no packing hassle


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